Our area is so beautiful. The Cromford Canal and Derwent Valley..

The Hamlet of Robin Hood is nestled next to Whatstandwell, alongside the Cromford Canal….

Whatstandwell is located in a most picturesque and thickly wooded section of the Derwent Valley. But the traveller on the busy A6 only catches a brief glimpse of the village, probably seeing little more than the railway station, the hotel and the bridge over the River Derwent. Passengers on the train will almost certainly see even less as part of the route goes through a tunnel on the northern side of the village.

In the past there have been several attempts to trace the origin of the name, Whatstandwell, but most now seem to agree that it was named after Walter Stonewall. At the time when the bridge was built in 1391, Walter (or Wat) Stonewall rented a cottage where the bridge was constructed, which was mentioned in the agreement with the landowner. Prior to the building of the bridge, a ford crossed the river at that point.

All around this area are some really lovely hamlet and villages that are a must visit whilst you are in the area…Ambergate, Whatstandwell, Wirksworth, Lea, Holloway, Middleton-by-Wirksworth as well as Cromford itself.

The following areas within the peak district are also worth considering whilst staying at our bed and breakfast Oakford Cottage.

Peak District Villages



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